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About The AIAA Rocky Mountain and Annual Technical Symposium
AIAA is the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. With more than 35,000 individual members worldwide, and 90 corporate members, AIAA brings together industry, academia, and government to advance engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The Rocky Mountain Section represents over 1,200 of AIAA’s engineers and scientists in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.
This is the 7th annual AIAA Rocky Mountain Region Technical Symposium. The day-long event will be held on Friday, September 21st at Metropolitan State University of Denver in Denver, Co. The symposium is designed to bring together the regional leaders and technical experts, and academia in the aerospace and aeronautics industry to collaborate and share ideas to help shape the future of the industry.  Additionally, college students have always been a big part of ATS, and we strive to give them the opportunity to present their work, hone their skills, and build their professional networks.

Sponsorship Details

Sponsors of the AIAA Rocky Mountain Technical Symposium will receive public exposure through a variety of media (print, internet marketing, public-event promotion, e-mail, etc.) via promotion by the AIAA ATS Organizing Committee. Press releases are distributed and are available on the AIAA website.
Sponsorship may include, but is not limited to, donation of funds, donation of promotional services or referrals, financing speaker travel and lodging, or provision of conference materials or services. Non-financial donations will be accounted for in the appropriation of sponsorship level benefits based on the value of the product or service provided. Sponsorship/Donation that exceeds the expenses of the symposium will be allocated to the AIAA Rocky Mountain Region and/or educational-outreach programs of AIAA unless otherwise requested by the associated sponsor/donor.
Sponsorship levels (as depicted in the following page) describe the division of preferred levels of sponsorship and their respective sponsor benefits. Should the sponsor feel that different benefits would suit their company’s or organization’s desires better, the AIAA ATS Organizing Committee will work with the sponsor to create a mutually beneficial situation. In order to receive a specific level, the sponsor must meet or exceed that particular level’s financial specification. Should a scenario arise where a sponsor’s donation fails to fulfill a level, the Organizing Committee will work with the sponsor to ensure proper recognition of the donation.
With the conclusion of the symposium, all sponsors may have access to conference demographics, contact information of other sponsors/organizations (unless sponsor requests contact information kept confidential), and published proceedings from the meeting.
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Sponsorship Levels
Diamond: >$2500 Platinum: $1000 Gold: $500
8 Registration Tickets 6 Registration Tickets 2 Registration Tickets
-Promotional Item in Bag -Promotional Document in Bag -Promotional Item in Bag -Promotional Document in Bag -Promotional Item on Table -Promotional Document on Table
Speaking Opportunities Speaking Opportunities Speaking Opportunities
-Opportunity for Keynote Main Room Slot -Guaranteed Technical Presentation Slot -Name announced at beginning of each session -Acknowledgement during sponsored meal -Name announced at beginning of each session Booth Area -Single-Table booth
-Double Table Booth -Priority Placement -Single-Table Booth -Priority Placement Marketing & Advertisement
-Company Included in all advertisements -Company Included in all advertisements -Company Included in all advertisements
Conference Program -Full-Page Advertisement Conference Program -Half-page advertisement Conference Program -Recognition on sponsor page

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