Abstract submission and notification is now OPEN!

Deadline for submitting is October 15th 2019

The AIAA Rocky Mountain Section’s Annual Technical Symposium brings together innovative, enthusiastic, and technical minds for a one-day event to collaborate, network, and share ideas about new technologies and implementation strategies, and to see how the next generation is training for careers in the aerospace industry. The symposium is scheduled for Tuesday November 19th at The University of Colorado, University Memorial Center, Boulder Colorado. 

This year’s symposium will feature one full day of speakers, exhibitors, poster presenters, and networking opportunities. This year’s ATS will have focus areas in the following fields:

  1. Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation Systems (ASN)
  2. Autonomous Systems (AUT)
  3. Bioastronautics and Human Spaceflight (Bio)
  4. Fluids, Structures and Materials (FSM)
  5. Remote Sensing, Earth and Space Science (RSESS)
  6. Proliferated Low Earth Orbit (pLEO) Satellite Constellations
  7. Space Resources
  8. Poster

Do you have new or innovative ideas in one of these areas? Is your company offering a new technical resource? Now’s your chance to share your ideas with others and offer a glimpse of what lies ahead for the large and growing aerospace industry in Colorado.

In submitting your abstract, you can choose whether you’d like to:

  • Present a 15-30 minute talk in one of our breakout sessions
    • For presentations please select one of the above categories your presentation best fits.
  • Be a poster presenter,  giving you the chance to interact and answer questions while attendees peruse the poster gallery during our networking sessions.
    • Poster topics may be on any aspect or technology related to aerospace and aeronautical engineering or related science.
    • Poster presentations can be up to 48″x60″ (WxH)